The River Burns is a character - and action - driven drama of transgression and redemption based on actual events. Loggers burn down a landmark covered bridge to expedite the construction of a modern bridge to more efficiently move timber by truck. In the aftermath of this criminal action by a few men, a community is torn apart. Those who want a modern bridge across the river are pitted against those who desire the preservation of heritage symbols and traditions on which their town’s lively tourist industry depends. Poking their noses into the fray are environmental agitators prepared to burn logging trucks, while outside police hunt the bridge-burners and seek to convict them. The loggers responsible for the crime are hardworking family men, usually law-abiding. They’ve been swept up by their passions and now must acknowledge the havoc they’ve wrought. They also must thwart the police who seek to convict them. The loggers need to spare their families further disgrace and the agony of seeing fathers being shunted off to prison. And to do so they must first restore the community and merit its forgiveness.

A script written by Trevor Ferguson